Friday, January 20, 2012

To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion

The economy has changed the job market. How can one prepare for a career? "Forget about finding your passion. Instead, focus on finding big problems," proposes Oliver Segovia in a Harvard Business Review blog post. He challenges today's students, recent graduates, and job hunters to consider "what you can do and how you can be a valuable contributor." There are many big problems from which to choose, including "climate change, sustainability, poverty, education, health care, technology, urbanization in emerging markets," to name a few. What problem would you like to help solve? How can you go about choosing one? Segovia suggests:
  • Stay in touch with current issues. "Get out of the office [or classroom] and volunteer."
  • "Look into problems that affect you in a very personal way." 
  • "Connect with people working on big problems." 
  • "Take time off and travel," not just to typical tourist sites.
[ Read more at Harvard Business Review. ]

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